Micron patents granted on 08 June 2010

15 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,734,899 Reducing data hazards in pipelined processors to provide high processor utilization
2 7,734,891 Robust index storage for non-volatile memory
3 7,733,731 Control of inputs to a memory device
4 7,733,705 Reduction of punch-through disturb during programming of a memory device
5 7,733,699 Mimicking program verify drain resistance in a memory device
6 7,733,557 Spatial light modulators with changeable phase masks for use in holographic data storage
7 7,733,392 Method and apparatus for reducing effects of dark current and defective pixels in an imaging device
8 7,733,262 Quantizing circuits with variable reference signals
9 7,733,118 Devices and methods for driving a signal off an integrated circuit
10 7,732,882 Method and system for electrically coupling a chip to chip package
11 7,732,852 High-K dielectric materials and processes for manufacturing them
12 7,732,533 Zwitterionic block copolymers and methods
13 7,732,343 Simplified pitch doubling process flow
14 7,732,247 Isolation techniques for reducing dark current in CMOS image sensors
15 7,732,221 Hybrid MRAM array structure and operation