Micron patents granted on 08 March 2011

19 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,903,488 Bias sensing in DRAM sense amplifiers through voltage-coupling/decoupling device
2 7,903,464 Memory array segmentation and methods
3 7,903,463 Increased NAND flash memory read throughput
4 7,903,461 Sensing for memory read and program verify operations in a non-volatile memory device
5 7,903,379 Cascode I/O driver with improved ESD operation
6 7,902,907 Compensation capacitor network for divided diffused resistors for a voltage divider
7 7,902,896 Phase mixer with adjustable load-to-drive ratio
8 7,902,875 Output slew rate control
9 7,902,648 Interposer configured to reduce the profiles of semiconductor device assemblies, packages including the same, and methods
10 7,902,643 Microfeature workpieces having interconnects and conductive backplanes, and associated systems and methods
11 7,902,598 Two-sided surround access transistor for a 4.5F2 DRAM cell
12 7,902,582 Tantalum lanthanide oxynitride films
13 7,902,580 Assemblies comprising magnetic elements and magnetic barrier or shielding
14 7,902,099 Dielectric layers and memory cells including metal-doped alumina
15 7,902,084 Silicon dioxide deposition methods using at least ozone and TEOS as deposition precursors
16 7,902,081 Methods of etching polysilicon and methods of forming pluralities of capacitors
17 7,902,074 Simplified pitch doubling process flow
18 7,902,057 Methods of fabricating dual fin structures
19 7,902,028 Methods of forming field effect transistors, methods of forming field effect transistor gates, methods of forming integrated circuitry comprising a transistor gate array and circuitry peripheral to the gate array, and methods of forming integrated circuitry comprising a transistor gate array including first gates and second grounded isolation gates