Micron patents granted on 08 March 2016

17 US patents granted on 08 March 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,281,682 Apparatuses and method for over-voltage event protection
2 9,281,478 Phase change memory cell with constriction structure
3 9,281,471 Phase change memory stack with treated sidewalls
4 9,281,466 Memory cells, semiconductor structures, semiconductor devices, and methods of fabrication
5 9,281,402 Methods of fabricating fin structures
6 9,281,309 Cross-hair cell wordline formation
7 9,281,241 Methods for forming interconnects in microelectronic workpieces and microelectronic workpieces formed using such methods
8 9,281,078 Program operations with embedded leak checks
9 9,281,073 Methods of operating a memory device having a buried boosting plate
10 9,281,066 Dynamically configurable MLC state assignment
11 9,281,064 Fast programming memory device
12 9,281,062 Systems, and devices, and methods for programming a resistive memory cell
13 9,281,061 Methods and apparatuses having a voltage generator with an adjustable voltage drop for representing a voltage drop of a memory cell and/or a current mirror circuit and replica circuit
14 9,281,044 Apparatuses having a ferroelectric field-effect transistor memory array and related method
15 9,281,037 Memory device command decoding system and memory device and processor-based system using same
16 9,280,456 Mapping between program states and data patterns
17 9,280,329 Methods and systems for detection in a state machine