Micron patents granted on 08 September 2015

22 US patents granted on 08 September 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,130,793 Constant delay zero standby differential logic receiver and method
2 9,130,164 Resistive random access memory devices, and related semiconductor device structures
3 9,130,163 Phase change memory structures and methods
4 9,130,157 Memory cells having a number of conductive diffusion barrier materials and manufacturing methods
5 9,129,983 Memory cells, memory arrays, methods of forming memory cells, and methods of forming a shared doped semiconductor region of a vertically oriented thyristor and a vertically oriented access transistor
6 9,129,961 Gallium lathanide oxide films
7 9,129,896 Arrays comprising vertically-oriented transistors, integrated circuitry comprising a conductive line buried in silicon-comprising semiconductor material, methods of forming a plurality of conductive lines buried in silicon-comprising semiconductor material, and methods of forming an array comprising vertically-oriented transistors
8 9,129,869 Pillar on pad interconnect structures, semiconductor devices including same and related methods
9 9,129,862 Microelectronic devices and microelectronic support devices, and associated assemblies and methods
10 9,129,848 Method and structure for integrating capacitor-less memory cell with logic
11 9,129,847 Transistor structures and integrated circuitry comprising an array of transistor structures
12 9,129,845 Buried low-resistance metal word lines for cross-point variable-resistance material memories
13 9,129,837 Semiconductor device
14 9,129,798 Methods of forming semiconductor structures comprising aluminum oxide
15 9,129,694 Slew rate modulation
16 9,129,684 Dynamic program window determination in a memory device
17 9,129,662 Circuits, devices, systems, and methods of operation for capturing data signals
18 9,128,894 Bus controller
19 9,128,869 Systems and methods involving managing a problematic memory cell
20 9,128,762 Persistent content in nonvolatile memory
21 9,128,637 Logical unit operation
22 9,128,383 Sub-resolution assist devices and methods