Micron patents granted on 09 April 2013

14 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,418,014 Multiple device apparatus, systems, and methods
2 8,417,914 Memory address translation
3 8,417,877 Stripe-based non-volatile multilevel memory operation
4 8,416,636 Techniques for controlling a semiconductor memory device
5 8,416,628 Local sensing in a memory device
6 8,416,610 Systems and devices including local data lines and methods of using, making, and operating the same
7 8,416,609 Cross-point memory cells, non-volatile memory arrays, methods of reading a memory cell, methods of programming a memory cell, methods of writing to and reading from a memory cell, and computer systems
8 8,416,608 Multilevel phase change memory operation
9 8,415,722 Memory devices and memory cells
10 8,415,715 Discrete trap non-volatile multi-functional memory device
11 8,415,661 Methods of self-aligned growth of chalcogenide memory access device
12 8,415,233 Wafer processing
13 8,415,223 Memory devices and methods of forming memory devices
14 8,414,787 Electron beam processing device and method using carbon nanotube emitter