Micron patents granted on 09 August 2016

20 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,413,535 Critical security parameter generation and exchange system and method for smart-card memory modules
2 9,413,338 Apparatuses, methods, and circuits including a duty cycle adjustment circuit
3 9,412,941 Phase change memory cell with self-aligned vertical heater and low resistivity interface
4 9,412,936 Memory cells, methods of forming memory cells and methods of forming memory arrays
5 9,412,779 Method, apparatus and system providing a storage gate pixel with high dynamic range
6 9,412,706 Engineered carrier wafers
7 9,412,677 Computer systems having an interposer including a flexible material
8 9,412,675 Interconnect structure with improved conductive properties and associated systems and methods
9 9,412,594 Integrated circuit fabrication
10 9,412,591 Process of semiconductor fabrication with mask overlay on pitch multiplied features and associated structures
11 9,412,472 Determining soft data from a hard read
12 9,412,451 Apparatuses and methods using dummy cells programmed to different states
13 9,412,421 Memory arrays
14 9,411,694 Correcting recurring errors in memory
15 9,411,684 Low density parity check circuit
16 9,411,675 Advanced bitwise operations and apparatus in a multi-level system with nonvolatile memory
17 9,411,538 Memory systems and methods for controlling the timing of receiving read data
18 9,411,529 Mapping between program states and data patterns
19 9,409,030 Neural stimulator system
20 9,409,029 Remote RF power system with low profile transmitting antenna