Micron patents granted on 09 February 2016

17 US patents granted on 09 February 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,257,995 Apparatuses and methods for mitigating uneven circuit degradation of delay circuits
2 9,257,648 Memory cells, methods of forming memory cells, and methods of programming memory cells
3 9,257,646 Methods of forming memory cells having regions containing one or both of carbon and boron
4 9,257,431 Memory cell with independently-sized electrode
5 9,257,430 Semiconductor construction forming methods
6 9,257,294 Methods and apparatuses for energetic neutral flux generation for processing a substrate
7 9,257,256 Templates including self-assembled block copolymer films
8 9,257,203 Setting a default read signal based on error correction
9 9,257,197 Apparatuses and/or methods for operating a memory cell as an anti-fuse
10 9,257,182 Memory devices and their operation having trim registers associated with access operation commands
11 9,257,180 Random telegraph signal noise reduction scheme for semiconductor memories
12 9,257,155 Integrated circuit having voltage generation circuitry for memory cell array, and method of operating and/or controlling same
13 9,257,154 Methods and apparatuses for compensating for source voltage
14 9,257,136 Magnetic tunnel junctions
15 9,256,577 Apparatuses and related methods for overflow detection and clamping with parallel operand processing
16 9,255,964 Electronic apparatus having IC temperature control
17 9,254,393 Wearable antenna assembly