Micron patents granted on 09 July 2013

19 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,484,428 Enhanced block copy
2 8,482,986 Word line drivers in non-volatile memory device and method having a shared power bank and processor-based systems using same
3 8,482,979 Data path for multi-level cell memory, methods for storing and methods for utilizing a memory array
4 8,482,975 Memory kink checking
5 8,482,955 Resistive memory sensing methods and devices
6 8,482,642 Dual pinned diode pixel with shutter
7 8,482,552 DC-DC converter switching transistor current measurement technique
8 8,482,050 Flash memory with recessed floating gate
9 8,482,047 DRAM layout with vertical FETS and method of formation
10 8,482,046 Concentric or nested container capacitor structure for integrated circuits
11 8,481,417 Semiconductor structures including tight pitch contacts and methods to form same
12 8,481,414 Incorporating impurities using a discontinuous mask
13 8,481,395 Methods of forming a dielectric containing dysprosium doped hafnium oxide
14 8,481,385 Methods of fabricating a memory device
15 8,481,372 JFET device structures and methods for fabricating the same
16 8,481,361 Methods of depositing antimony-comprising phase change material onto a substrate and methods of forming phase change memory circuitry
17 8,481,359 Methods of forming a phase change material
18 8,481,122 Methods of forming material over substrates
19 8,479,384 Methods for integrated circuit fabrication with protective coating for planarization