Micron patents granted on 09 June 2015

16 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,055,702 Method for forming a circuit board via structure for high speed signaling
2 9,054,700 Apparatus and methods of driving signal for reducing the leakage current
3 9,054,675 Apparatuses and methods for adjusting a minimum forward path delay of a signal path
4 9,054,295 Phase change memory cells including nitrogenated carbon materials, methods of forming the same, and phase change memory devices including nitrogenated carbon materials
5 9,054,235 Solid-state transducer devices with optically-transmissive carrier substrates and related systems, methods, and devices
6 9,054,216 Methods of forming a vertical transistor
7 9,054,165 Semiconductor devices including a through-substrate conductive member with an exposed end
8 9,054,099 Semiconductor device with copper wirebond sites and methods of making same
9 9,054,030 Memory cells, semiconductor device structures, memory systems, and methods of fabrication
10 9,053,801 Memory cells having ferroelectric materials
11 9,053,797 Inhibiting pillars in 3D memory devices
12 9,053,784 Apparatuses and methods for providing set and reset voltages at the same time
13 9,053,779 Semiconductor device
14 9,053,005 Recycled version number values in flash memory
15 9,052,842 Logical unit operation
16 9,052,604 Photolithography systems and associated alignment correction methods