Micron patents granted on 09 March 2010

16 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,676,710 Error detection, documentation, and correction in a flash memory device
2 7,676,648 Method for manipulating data in a group of processing elements to perform a reflection of the data
3 7,676,627 Single segment data object management
4 7,675,778 Memory devices having reduced word line current and method of operating and manufacturing the same
5 7,675,772 Multilevel memory cell operation
6 7,675,526 System and method for multi-sampling primitives to reduce aliasing
7 7,675,324 Pre-driver logic
8 7,675,169 Apparatus and method for packaging circuits
9 7,675,131 Flip-chip image sensor packages and methods of fabricating the same
10 7,675,093 Antiblooming imaging apparatus, system, and methods
11 7,674,698 Metal-substituted transistor gates
12 7,674,683 Bulk-isolated PN diode and method of forming a bulk-isolated PN diode
13 7,674,670 Methods of forming threshold voltage implant regions
14 7,674,669 FIN field effect transistor
15 7,674,655 Semiconductor assemblies and methods of manufacturing such assemblies including forming trenches in a first side of the molding material
16 7,674,652 Methods of forming an integrated circuit package