Micron patents granted on 09 November 2010

17 US patents granted on 09 November 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,831,870 JTAG controlled self-repair after packaging
2 7,831,765 Distributed programmable priority encoder capable of finding the longest match in a single operation
3 7,830,733 Devices, systems, and methods for independent output drive strengths
4 7,830,729 Digital filters with memory
5 7,830,718 Mitigation of data corruption from back pattern and program disturb in a non-volatile memory device
6 7,830,426 Method and apparatus providing color interpolation in color filter arrays using edge detection and correction terms
7 7,830,221 Coupling cancellation scheme
8 7,830,018 Partitioned through-layer via and associated systems and methods
9 7,829,991 Stackable ceramic FBGA for high thermal applications
10 7,829,979 High permeability layered films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
11 7,829,976 Microelectronic devices and methods for forming interconnects in microelectronic devices
12 7,829,938 High density NAND non-volatile memory device
13 7,829,410 Methods of forming capacitors, and methods of forming DRAM arrays
14 7,829,399 Capacitorless DRAM on bulk silicon
15 7,829,385 Taped semiconductor device and method of manufacture
16 7,829,262 Method of forming pitch multipled contacts
17 7,829,190 Electrical interconnect using locally conductive adhesive