Micron patents granted on 09 October 2007

50 US patents granted on 09 October 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,280,729 Semiconductor constructions and light-directing conduits
2 7,280,549 High speed ring/bus
3 7,280,420 Data compression read mode for memory testing
4 7,280,417 System and method for capturing data signals using a data strobe signal
5 7,280,410 System and method for mode register control of data bus operating mode and impedance
6 7,280,403 Flash memory device with improved programming performance
7 7,280,398 System and memory for sequential multi-plane page memory operations
8 7,280,395 Methods for neutralizing holes in tunnel oxides of floating-gate memory cells and devices
9 7,280,386 Method and system for controlling refresh to avoid memory cell data losses
10 7,280,382 Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
11 7,280,381 Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
12 7,280,280 Micro-lenses for CMOS imagers and method for manufacturing micro-lenses
13 7,280,279 Apparatus and method for manufacturing tilted microlenses
14 7,280,278 Apparatus and method for manufacturing positive or negative microlenses
15 7,280,162 Apparatus for assisting video compression in a computer system
16 7,280,143 CMOS image sensor with active reset and 4-transistor pixels
17 7,280,139 Double sampling active pixel sensor with double sampling temperature sensor
18 7,279,918 Methods for wafer level burn-in
19 7,279,915 Test method for electronic modules using movable test contactors
20 7,279,797 Module assembly and method for stacked BGA packages
21 7,279,788 Device for establishing non-permanent electrical connection between an integrated circuit device lead element and a substrate
22 7,279,781 Two-stage transfer molding device to encapsulate MMC module
23 7,279,780 Quad flat no-lead (QFN) grid array package, method of making and memory module and computer system including same
24 7,279,772 Edge intensive antifuse and method for making the same
25 7,279,770 Isolation techniques for reducing dark current in CMOS image sensors
26 7,279,766 Photodiode sensor and photosensor for use in an imaging device
27 7,279,764 Silicon-based resonant cavity photodiode for image sensors
28 7,279,762 Magnetoresistive memory device assemblies, and methods of forming magnetoresistive memory device assemblies
29 7,279,740 Band-engineered multi-gated non-volatile memory device with enhanced attributes
30 7,279,732 Enhanced atomic layer deposition
31 7,279,725 Vertical diode structures
32 7,279,710 Structure and method of fabricating a transistor having a trench gate
33 7,279,672 Image sensor having pinned floating diffusion diode
34 7,279,670 Superposed multi-junction color APS
35 7,279,668 Sequential read-out method and system that employs a single amplifier for multiple columns
36 7,279,435 Apparatus for stabilizing high pressure oxidation of a semiconductor device
37 7,279,419 Formation of self-aligned contact plugs
38 7,279,414 Method of forming interconnect structure with interlayer dielectric
39 7,279,407 Selective nickel plating of aluminum, copper, and tungsten structures
40 7,279,398 Microfeature workpiece processing apparatus and methods for controlling deposition of materials on microfeature workpieces
41 7,279,396 Methods of forming trench isolation regions with nitride liner
42 7,279,395 Suppression of dark current in a photosensor for imaging
43 7,279,379 Methods of forming memory arrays; and methods of forming contacts to bitlines
44 7,279,377 Method and structure for shallow trench isolation during integrated circuit device manufacture
45 7,279,366 Method for assembling semiconductor die packages with standard ball grid array footprint
46 7,279,364 Flip-chip adaptor package for bare die
47 7,279,353 Passivation planarization
48 7,279,118 Compositions of matter and barrier layer compositions
49 7,279,041 Atomic layer deposition methods and atomic layer deposition tools
50 7,278,905 Apparatus and method for conditioning polishing surface, and polishing apparatus and method of operation