Micron patents granted on 10 April 2007

28 US patents granted on 10 April 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,203,874 Error detection, documentation, and correction in a flash memory device
2 7,203,124 System and method for negative word line driver circuit
3 7,203,122 User selectable banks for DRAM
4 7,203,098 Methods of erasing flash memory
5 7,203,093 Method and apparatus for reading NAND flash memory array
6 7,203,092 Flash memory array using adjacent bit line as source
7 7,203,083 Longest match detection in a CAM
8 7,202,894 Method and apparatus for real time identification and correction of pixel defects for image sensor arrays
9 7,202,739 CMOS amplifiers with frequency compensating capacitors
10 7,202,681 Motherboard memory slot ribbon cable and apparatus
11 7,202,562 Integrated circuit cooling system and method
12 7,202,556 Semiconductor package having substrate with multi-layer metal bumps
13 7,202,543 Method and structure to reduce optical crosstalk in a solid state imager
14 7,202,530 Micro-mechanically strained semiconductor film
15 7,202,523 NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
16 7,202,520 Multiple data state memory cell
17 7,202,519 Memory cells having an access transistor with a source/drain region coupled to a capacitor through an extension
18 7,202,183 Method of filling gaps and methods of depositing materials using high density plasma chemical vapor deposition
19 7,202,171 Method for forming a contact opening in a semiconductor device
20 7,202,138 Spin coating for maximum fill characteristic yielding a planarized thin film surface
21 7,202,129 Source lines for NAND memory devices
22 7,202,127 Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
23 7,202,104 Co-sputter deposition of metal-doped chalcogenides
24 7,202,098 Method and structure to reduce optical crosstalk in a solid state imager
25 7,201,635 Methods and systems for conditioning planarizing pads used in planarizing substrates
26 7,201,632 In-situ chemical-mechanical planarization pad metrology using ultrasonic imaging
27 7,201,304 Multi-functional solder and articles made therewith, such as microelectronic components
28 7,200,950 Process for monitoring measuring device performance