Micron patents granted on 10 February 2015

33 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 8,954,825 Apparatuses and methods including error correction code organization
2 8,954,824 Error detection or correction of stored signals after one or more heat events in one or more memory devices
3 8,954,818 Error detection and correction scheme for a memory device
4 8,954,687 Memory hub and access method having a sequencer and internal row caching
5 8,954,660 Execute-in-place mode configuration for serial non-volatile memory
6 8,953,396 NAND interface
7 8,953,387 Apparatuses and methods for efficient write in a cross-point array
8 8,953,379 Apparatuses and methods of reprogramming memory cells
9 8,953,364 Voltage rail noise sensing circuit and method
10 8,953,360 Apparatus and method for reading a phase-change memory cell
11 8,953,355 Memory dies, stacked memories, memory devices and methods
12 8,953,056 Method, apparatus and system for dynamic range estimation of imaged scenes
13 8,952,515 Signal shifting to allow independent control of identical stacked memory modules
14 8,952,485 Isolation trench fill using oxide liner and nitride etch back technique with dual trench depth capability
15 8,952,482 Three-dimensional devices having reduced contact length
16 8,952,437 DRAM cell design with folded digitline sense amplifier
17 8,952,418 Gated bipolar junction transistors
18 8,952,413 Etched trenches in bond materials for die singulation, and associated systems and methods
19 8,952,406 Lighting devices including patterned optical components and associated devices, systems, and methods
20 8,952,402 Solid-state radiation transducer devices having flip-chip mounted solid-state radiation transducers and associated systems and methods
21 8,952,399 Light emitting device comprising a wavelength conversion layer having indirect bandgap energy and made of an N-type doped AlInGaP material
22 8,952,395 Wafer-level solid state transducer packaging transducers including separators and associated systems and methods
23 8,952,299 Dual resistance heater for phase change devices and manufacturing method thereof
24 8,951,910 Methods for fabricating and forming semiconductor device structures including damascene structures
25 8,951,903 Graded dielectric structures
26 8,951,880 Dielectrics containing at least one of a refractory metal or a non-refractory metal
27 8,951,865 Memory arrays where a distance between adjacent memory cells at one end of a substantially vertical portion is greater than a distance between adjacent memory cells at an opposing end of the substantially vertical portion and formation thereof
28 8,951,858 Imager device with electric connections to electrical device
29 8,951,842 Semiconductor growth substrates and associated systems and methods for die singulation
30 8,951,832 Variable-resistance material memories and methods
31 8,951,829 Resistive switching in memory cells
32 8,951,433 Compositions for use in semiconductor devices
33 8,951,354 Megasonic cleaning with controlled boundary layer thickness and associated systems and methods