Micron patents granted on 10 January 2006

24 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 6,986,084 Apparatus and method for reducing test resources in testing DRAMS
2 6,985,847 System and method for process matching
3 6,985,393 Device for margin testing a semiconductor memory by applying a stressing voltage simultaneously to complementary and true digit lines
4 6,985,391 High speed redundant data sensing method and apparatus
5 6,985,382 Bridge-type magnetic random access memory (MRAM) latch
6 6,985,375 Adjusting the frequency of an oscillator for use in a resistive sense amp
7 6,985,235 Cascaded fiber fabry-perot filters
8 6,984,894 Semiconductor package having a partial slot cover for encapsulation process
9 6,984,893 Low temperature nitride used as Cu barrier layer
10 6,984,891 Methods for making copper and other metal interconnections in integrated circuits
11 6,984,886 System-on-a-chip with multi-layered metallized through-hole interconnection
12 6,984,874 Semiconductor device with metal fill by treatment of mobility layers including forming a refractory metal nitride using TMEDT
13 6,984,854 Edge intensive antifuse
14 6,984,592 Systems and methods for forming metal-doped alumina
15 6,984,583 Stereolithographic method for forming insulative coatings for via holes in semiconductor devices
16 6,984,570 Wafer bonding method of forming silicon-on-insulator comprising integrated circuitry
17 6,984,549 Methods of forming semiconductor fuse arrangements
18 6,984,547 Contactless uniform-tunneling separate p-well (cusp) non-volatile memory array architecture, fabrication and operation
19 6,984,545 Methods of encapsulating selected locations of a semiconductor die assembly using a thick solder mask
20 6,984,544 Die to die connection method and assemblies and packages including dice so connected
21 6,984,537 Method of forming two-transistor pixel with buried reset channel
22 6,984,301 Methods of forming capacitor constructions
23 6,983,551 Interconnecting substrates for electrical coupling of microelectronic components
24 6,983,536 Method and apparatus for manufacturing known good semiconductor die