Micron patents granted on 10 June 2014

25 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,751,860 Object oriented memory in solid state devices
2 8,751,754 Memory systems and methods for controlling the timing of receiving read data
3 8,751,731 Memory super block allocation
4 8,751,700 Memory controllers, memory systems, solid state drives and methods for processing a number of commands
5 8,750,057 Memory devices and methods of operating memory
6 8,750,040 Memory devices having source lines directly coupled to body regions and methods
7 8,750,025 Data cells with drivers and methods of making and operating the same
8 8,750,014 Tri-state driver circuits having automatic high-impedance enabling
9 8,750,010 Memory modules and memory devices having memory device stacks, and method of forming same
10 8,749,271 Methods for synchronizing high-speed signals in a digital phase detector
11 8,749,261 Interfaces having a plurality of connector assemblies
12 8,749,074 Package including an interposer having at least one topological feature
13 8,749,066 Semiconductor constructions
14 8,749,050 Redistribution elements and semiconductor device packages including semiconductor devices and redistribution elements
15 8,748,964 Gettering agents in memory charge storage structures
16 8,748,959 Semiconductor memory device
17 8,748,870 Methods of forming structures having nanotubes extending between opposing electrodes and structures including same
18 8,748,321 Method for epitaxial devices
19 8,748,318 Methods of forming patterns in semiconductor constructions, methods of forming container capacitors, and methods of forming reticles configured for imprint lithography
20 8,748,311 Microelectronic devices and methods for filing vias in microelectronic devices
21 8,748,283 Methods of forming capacitors and semiconductor devices including a rutile titanium dioxide material
22 8,748,280 Methods of fabricating fin structures
23 8,748,273 Semiconductor devices including dual gate structures and methods of fabrication
24 8,747,557 Devices for positioning carbon nanoparticles, and systems for controlling placement of nanoparticles
25 8,746,578 System and method for updating read-only memory in smart card memory modules