Micron patents granted on 10 May 2011

16 US patents granted on 10 May 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,941,712 Method for error test, recordation and repair
2 7,941,056 Optical interconnect in high-speed memory systems
3 7,940,569 Power off apparatus, systems, and methods
4 7,940,568 Dynamic polarization for reducing stress induced leakage current
5 7,940,559 Memory array having a programmable word length, and method of operating same
6 7,940,556 Resistance variable memory device with sputtered metal-chalcogenide region and method of fabrication
7 7,940,103 Duty cycle correction systems and methods
8 7,940,078 Method and apparatus for output driver calibration, and memory devices and system embodying same
9 7,939,949 Semiconductor device with copper wirebond sites and methods of making same
10 7,939,948 Interconnect structures with bond-pads and methods of forming bump sites on bond-pads
11 7,939,877 DRAM unit cells, capacitors, methods of forming DRAM unit cells, and methods of forming capacitors
12 7,939,449 Methods of forming hybrid conductive vias including small dimension active surface ends and larger dimension back side ends
13 7,939,442 Strontium ruthenium oxide interface
14 7,939,409 Peripheral gate stacks and recessed array gates
15 7,939,403 Methods of forming a field effect transistors, pluralities of field effect transistors, and DRAM circuitry comprising a plurality of individual memory cells
16 7,939,394 Multiple-depth STI trenches in integrated circuit fabrication