Micron patents granted on 10 May 2016

23 US patents granted on 10 May 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 D755,657 Mobile electronic emergency responder
2 9,337,776 High-input common-mode differential amplifiers
3 9,337,366 Textured optoelectronic devices and associated methods of manufacture
4 9,337,333 Transistors with an extension region having strips of differing conductivity type
5 9,337,266 Methods and apparatuses including an active area of a tap intersected by a boundary of a well
6 9,337,237 Methods, structures and devices for increasing memory density
7 9,337,210 Vertical ferroelectric field effect transistor constructions, constructions comprising a pair of vertical ferroelectric field effect transistors, vertical strings of ferroelectric field effect transistors, and vertical strings of laterally opposing pairs of vertical ferroelectric field effect transistors
8 9,337,201 Memory cells, arrays of memory cells, and methods of forming memory cells
9 9,337,162 Multi-component integrated circuit contacts
10 9,337,119 Stacked semiconductor die assemblies with high efficiency thermal paths and associated systems
11 9,337,064 Methods of protecting peripheries of in-process semiconductor wafers and related in-process wafers and systems
12 9,337,053 Method of forming contacts for a memory device
13 9,336,875 Memory systems and memory programming methods
14 9,336,874 Mixed mode programming for phase change memory
15 9,336,856 Device and apparatus having address and command input paths
16 9,336,843 Program-disturb decoupling for adjacent wordlines of a memory device
17 9,336,837 Low voltage sensing scheme having reduced active power down standby current
18 9,336,410 Nonvolatile memory internal signature generation
19 9,336,086 Apparatuses and methods including error correction code organization
20 9,336,084 Error detection for multi-bit memory
21 9,336,083 Apparatus and methods of programming memory cells using adjustable charge state level(s)
22 9,336,082 Validating persistent memory content for processor main memory
23 9,335,372 Apparatus and methods for delay line testing