Micron patents granted on 10 November 2015

24 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,185,315 Anti-eclipse circuitry with tracking of floating diffusion reset level
2 9,184,711 Signaling systems, preamplifiers, memory devices and methods
3 9,184,385 Arrays of nonvolatile memory cells and methods of forming arrays of nonvolatile memory cells
4 9,184,384 Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
5 9,184,377 Resistance variable memory cell structures and methods
6 9,184,336 Light emitting devices with built-in chromaticity conversion and methods of manufacturing
7 9,184,191 Method providing an epitaxial photonic device having a reduction in defects and resulting structure
8 9,184,175 Floating gate memory cells in vertical memory
9 9,184,167 Memory cell support lattice
10 9,184,161 Vertical gated access transistor
11 9,184,159 Simplified pitch doubling process flow
12 9,184,105 Semiconductor device packages including thermally insulating materials and methods of making and using such semiconductor packages
13 9,184,061 Systems and methods for forming zirconium and/or hafnium-containing layers
14 9,184,058 Methods of forming patterns by using a brush layer and masks
15 9,183,952 Apparatuses and methods for compressing data received over multiple memory accesses
16 9,183,948 Apparatuses, integrated circuits, and methods for measuring leakage current
17 9,183,941 Thermal treatment of flash memories
18 9,183,929 Systems, methods and devices for programming a multilevel resistive memory cell
19 9,183,928 Descending set verify for phase change memory
20 9,183,904 Apparatuses, memories, and methods for facilitating splitting of internal commands using a shared signal path
21 9,183,900 Data paths using a first signal to capture data and a second signal to output data and methods for providing data
22 9,183,135 Preparation of memory device for access using memory access type indicator signal
23 9,183,070 Resting blocks of memory cells in response to the blocks being deemed to fail
24 9,183,057 Systems and methods for accessing memory