Micron patents granted on 10 October 2006

41 US patents granted on 10 October 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,120,889 Integrated circuit schematics and layouts
2 7,120,754 Synchronous DRAM with selectable internal prefetch size
3 7,120,744 System and method for managing a cache memory
4 7,120,743 Arbitration system and method for memory responses in a hub-based memory system
5 7,120,727 Reconfigurable memory module and method
6 7,120,723 System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
7 7,120,513 Method for using data regarding manufacturing procedures integrated circuits (ICS) have undergone, such as repairs, to select procedures the ICS will undergo, such as additional repairs
8 7,120,336 Resonator for thermo optic device
9 7,120,287 Non-lot based method for assembling integrated circuit devices
10 7,120,073 Integrated circuit devices having reducing variable retention characteristics
11 7,120,068 Column/row redundancy architecture using latches programmed from a look up table
12 7,120,065 Techniques for implementing accurate operating current values stored in a database
13 7,120,060 Memory device with non-volatile reference memory cell trimming capabilities
14 7,120,055 Flash memory device with improved programming performance
15 7,120,054 Preconditioning global bitlines
16 7,120,046 Memory array with surrounding gate access transistors and capacitors with global and staggered local bit lines
17 7,119,839 High resolution CMOS circuit using a matched impedance output transmission line
18 7,119,812 Full-scene anti-aliasing method and system
19 7,119,592 Delay locked loop circuit with time delay quantifier and control
20 7,119,583 Phase detector and method having hysteresis characteristics
21 7,119,568 Methods for wafer level burn-in
22 7,119,563 Integrated circuit characterization printed circuit board
23 7,119,397 Double blanket ion implant method and structure
24 7,119,388 MRAM device fabricated using chemical mechanical polishing
25 7,119,322 CMOS image sensor having pinned diode floating diffusion region
26 7,119,321 Optical channels for multi-level metal optical imagers
27 7,119,317 Wide dynamic range imager with selective readout
28 7,119,034 Atomic layer deposition method of forming an oxide comprising layer on a substrate
29 7,119,033 Ion-assisted oxidation methods and the resulting structures
30 7,119,031 Methods of forming patterned photoresist layers over semiconductor substrates
31 7,119,025 Methods of eliminating pattern collapse on photoresist patterns
32 7,119,024 Method and structure for a self-aligned silicided word line and polysilicon plug during the formation of a semiconductor device
33 7,118,966 Methods of forming conductive lines
34 7,118,960 Selective polysilicon stud growth
35 7,118,950 Method of forming a field effect transistor
36 7,118,783 Methods and apparatus for vapor processing of micro-device workpieces
37 7,118,686 Slurry for use in polishing semiconductor device conductive structures that include copper and tungsten and polishing methods
38 7,118,683 Methods of etching silicon-oxide-containing compositions
39 7,118,455 Semiconductor workpiece processing methods
40 7,118,447 Semiconductor workpiece processing methods
41 7,118,445 Semiconductor workpiece processing methods, a method of preparing semiconductor workpiece process fluid, and a method of delivering semiconductor workpiece process fluid to a semiconductor processor