Micron patents granted on 11 January 2011

17 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,870,351 System, apparatus, and method for modifying the order of memory accesses
2 7,870,330 Controller for refreshing memories
3 7,870,329 System and method for optimizing interconnections of components in a multichip memory module
4 7,869,494 Equalizer circuitry for mitigating pre-cursor and post-cursor intersymbol interference
5 7,869,457 High speed ring/bus
6 7,869,285 Low voltage operation bias current generation circuit
7 7,869,249 Complementary bit PCRAM sense amplifier and method of operation
8 7,869,242 Transmission lines for CMOS integrated circuits
9 7,868,630 Integrated light conditioning devices on a probe card for testing imaging devices, and methods of fabricating same
10 7,868,440 Packaged microdevices and methods for manufacturing packaged microdevices
11 7,868,369 Localized masking for semiconductor structure development
12 7,868,310 Resistance variable memory device and method of fabrication
13 7,867,919 Method of fabricating an apparatus having a lanthanum-metal oxide dielectric layer
14 7,867,851 Methods of forming field effect transistors on substrates
15 7,867,850 Enhanced multi-bit non-volatile memory device with resonant tunnel barrier
16 7,867,845 Transistor gate forming methods and transistor structures
17 7,867,844 Methods of forming NAND cell units