Micron patents granted on 11 October 2011

23 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 8,037,446 Methods for defining evaluation points for optical proximity correction and optical proximity correction methods including same
2 8,037,381 Error detection, documentation, and correction in a flash memory device
3 8,037,378 Automatic test entry termination in a memory device
4 8,036,334 Delay lock loop phase glitch error filter
5 8,036,058 Symmetrically operating single-ended input buffer devices and methods
6 8,036,035 Erase cycle counter usage in a memory device
7 8,036,019 Resistive memory
8 8,036,016 Maintenance process to enhance memory endurance
9 8,035,433 Process insensitive delay line
10 8,035,189 Semiconductor constructions
11 8,035,179 Packaged microelectronic imagers and methods of packaging microelectronic imagers
12 8,035,160 Recessed access device for a memory
13 8,035,142 Deuterated structures for image sensors and methods for forming the same
14 8,035,129 Integrated circuitry
15 8,034,728 Systems and methods for forming metal oxides using metal diketonates and/or ketoimines
16 8,034,716 Semiconductor structures including vertical diode structures and methods for making the same
17 8,034,706 Contact formation
18 8,034,702 Methods of forming through substrate interconnects
19 8,034,687 Methods of forming a plurality of transistor gates, and methods of forming a plurality of transistor gates having at least two different work functions
20 8,034,655 Non-volatile resistive oxide memory cells, non-volatile resistive oxide memory arrays, and methods of forming non-volatile resistive oxide memory cells and memory arrays
21 8,034,516 Photomasks, methods of forming photomasks, and methods of photolithographically-patterning substrates
22 8,034,315 Methods of forming devices comprising carbon nanotubes
23 8,033,884 Methods of forming plasma-generating structures; methods of plasma-assisted etching, and methods of plasma-assisted deposition