Micron patents granted on 11 October 2016

16 US patents granted on 11 October 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,466,795 Memory cells with recessed electrode contacts
2 9,466,787 Memory cells, methods of fabrication, semiconductor device structures, memory systems, and electronic systems
3 9,466,660 Semiconductor structures including molybdenum nitride, molybdenum oxynitride or molybdenum-based alloy material, and method of making such structures
4 9,466,531 Apparatuses including stair-step structures and methods of forming the same
5 9,466,504 Methods of fabricating features associated with semiconductor substrates
6 9,466,380 Semiconductor memory column decoder device and method
7 9,466,361 Memory devices
8 9,466,348 Method and apparatus for memory command input and control
9 9,466,344 System and method for decoding commands based on command signals and operating state
10 9,466,340 Apparatuses and methods for performing compare operations using sensing circuitry
11 9,466,337 Apparatuses and method for supply voltage level detection
12 9,465,964 Systems and methods using single antenna for multiple resonant frequency ranges
13 9,465,929 System and method for controlling user access to an electronic device
14 9,465,539 Operation management in a memory device
15 9,465,287 Methods of forming patterns for semiconductor device structures
16 9,464,942 Semiconductor temperature sensor with high sensitivity