Micron patents granted on 12 August 2014

34 US patents granted on 12 August 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,806,316 Circuits, integrated circuits, and methods for interleaved parity computation
2 8,806,303 Apparatuses, systems, devices, and methods of replacing at least partially non-functional portions of memory
3 8,806,293 Controller to execute error correcting code algorithms and manage NAND memories
4 8,806,263 Methods and apparatuses including a global timing generator and local control circuits
5 8,806,164 Apparatus, electronic devices and methods associated with an operative transition from a first interface to a second interface
6 8,806,155 Methods and apparatus for designating or using data status indicators
7 8,806,152 Method and apparatus for sending data from multiple sources over a communications bus
8 8,806,131 Multi-serial interface stacked-die memory architecture
9 8,806,090 Apparatus including buffer allocation management and related methods
10 8,804,452 Data interleaving module
11 8,804,451 Power source and power source control circuit
12 8,804,449 Apparatus and methods to provide power management for memory devices
13 8,804,432 Sensing for all bit line architecture in a memory device
14 8,804,428 Determining system lifetime characteristics
15 8,804,424 Memory with three transistor memory cell device
16 8,804,419 Memory kink checking
17 8,804,416 Memory devices having select gates with p type bodies, memory strings having separate source lines and methods
18 8,804,414 Spin torque transfer memory cell structures and methods
19 8,804,411 Dual mode clock and data scheme for memory programming
20 8,804,399 Multi-function resistance change memory cells and apparatuses including the same
21 8,803,307 Stacked microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing stacked microelectronic devices
22 8,803,240 Electronic device with asymmetric gate strain
23 8,803,229 Nanowire transistor with surrounding gate
24 8,803,228 Memory arrays with rows of memory cells coupled to opposite sides of a control gate
25 8,803,214 Three dimensional memory and methods of forming the same
26 8,803,213 Floating body memory cell apparatus and methods
27 8,803,125 Cross-point memory utilizing Ru/Si diode
28 8,803,118 Semiconductor constructions and memory arrays
29 8,802,573 Methods of etching trenches into silicon of a semiconductor substrate, methods of forming trench isolation in silicon of a semiconductor substrate, and methods of forming a plurality of diodes
30 8,802,526 Methods of forming reverse mode non-volatile memory cell structures
31 8,802,525 Methods of forming charge storage structures including etching diffused regions to form recesses
32 8,802,520 Method of forming a field effect transistor having source/drain material over insulative material
33 8,802,461 Vertical light emitting devices with nickel silicide bonding and methods of manufacturing
34 8,801,894 Sub-10 NM line features via rapid graphoepitaxial self-assembly of amphiphilic monolayers