Micron patents granted on 12 January 2010

15 US patents granted on 12 January 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,647,569 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for adjusting layout database hierarchies for more efficient database processing and storage
2 7,646,654 Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
3 7,646,407 Digital exposure circuit for an image sensor
4 7,646,229 Method of output slew rate control
5 7,646,213 On-die system and method for controlling termination impedance of memory device data bus terminals
6 7,646,102 Wafer level pre-packaged flip chip systems
7 7,646,099 Self-aligned, integrated circuit contact
8 7,646,075 Microelectronic imagers having front side contacts
9 7,646,053 Memory cell storage node length
10 7,646,016 Method for automated testing of the modulation transfer function in image sensors
11 7,646,007 Silver-selenide/chalcogenide glass stack for resistance variable memory
12 7,645,671 Recessed access device for a memory
13 7,645,635 Frame structure and semiconductor attach process for use therewith for fabrication of image sensor packages and the like, and resulting packages
14 7,645,344 Method of cleaning semiconductor surfaces
15 7,644,853 Apparatus for attaching solder balls to BGA package utilizing a tool to pick and dip the solder ball in flux