Micron patents granted on 12 July 2011

20 US patents granted on 12 July 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,979,757 Method and apparatus for testing high capacity/high bandwidth memory devices
2 7,978,721 Multi-serial interface stacked-die memory architecture
3 7,978,556 On-chip temperature sensor
4 7,978,529 Rewritable single-bit-per-cell flash memory
5 7,978,511 Data line management in a memory device
6 7,978,500 Method and apparatus providing a cross-point memory array using a variable resistance memory cell and capacitance
7 7,978,491 Stacked memory cell structure and method of forming such a structure
8 7,978,411 Tetraform microlenses and method of forming the same
9 7,978,000 Semiconductor temperature sensor using bandgap generator circuit
10 7,977,997 Generating a full rail signal
11 7,977,962 Apparatus and methods for through substrate via test
12 7,977,765 Antifuse circuit with well bias transistor
13 7,977,727 Semiconductor constructions
14 7,977,597 Wire bonders and methods of wire-bonding
15 7,977,236 Method of forming a transistor gate of a recessed access device, method of forming a recessed transistor gate and a non-recessed transistor gate, and method of fabricating an integrated circuit
16 7,977,190 Memory devices having reduced interference between floating gates and methods of fabricating such devices
17 7,977,157 Methods of forming integrated circuit packages, and methods of assembling integrated circuit packages
18 7,977,037 Photoresist processing methods
19 7,977,017 Method to recover the exposure sensitivity of chemically amplified resins from post coat delay effect
20 7,976,897 Thermal chemical vapor deposition methods, and thermal chemical vapor deposition systems