Micron patents granted on 12 July 2016

13 US patents granted on 12 July 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,391,645 Determining soft data using a classification code
2 9,391,206 Methods of forming transistors
3 9,391,092 Circuit structures, memory circuitry, and methods
4 9,391,082 Memory arrays with a memory cell adjacent to a smaller size of a pillar having a greater channel length than a memory cell adjacent to a larger size of the pillar and methods
5 9,391,062 Apparatuses, circuits, and methods for protection circuits for dual-direction nodes
6 9,391,001 Semiconductor constructions
7 9,390,882 Apparatus having a magnetic lens configured to diverge an electron beam
8 9,390,792 Apparatuses, memories, and methods for address decoding and selecting an access line
9 9,390,770 Apparatuses and methods for accessing memory including sense amplifier sections and coupled sources
10 9,390,768 Apparatuses, devices and methods for sensing a snapback event in a circuit
11 9,390,049 Logical unit address assignment
12 9,389,841 Methods and systems for using state vector data in a state machine engine
13 9,389,833 Method and system to dynamically power-down a block of a pattern-recognition processor