Micron patents granted on 12 June 2012

16 US patents granted on 12 June 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,200,894 Solid state storage device controller with expansion mode
2 8,200,031 Multisampling with reduced bit samples
3 8,199,599 Variable memory refresh devices and methods
4 8,199,595 Techniques for sensing a semiconductor memory device
5 8,199,585 Dynamic soft program trims
6 8,199,574 Apparatus comparing verified data to original data in the programming of a memory array
7 8,199,572 Non-volatile memory with both single and multiple level cells
8 8,199,566 Write performance of phase change memory using set-pulse shaping
9 8,199,556 Methods of reading and using memory cells
10 8,198,910 Transmitter apparatus, systems, and methods
11 8,198,720 Microelectronic die packages with metal leads, including metal leads for stacked die packages, and associated systems and methods
12 8,198,717 Signal shifting to allow independent control of identical stacked memory modules
13 8,198,711 Lead frame
14 8,198,172 Methods of forming integrated circuits using donor and acceptor substrates
15 8,198,129 Methods of depositing antimony-comprising phase change material onto a substrate and methods of forming phase change memory circuitry
16 8,198,124 Methods of self-aligned growth of chalcogenide memory access device