Micron patents granted on 13 August 2013

20 US patents granted on 13 August 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,510,634 Methods of data handling
2 8,510,628 Method and apparatuses for customizable error correction of memory
3 8,510,092 Recursive summation algorithms useful for statistical signal analysis of transmission of signals in a computer system
4 8,509,021 Methods, circuits, and systems to select memory regions
5 8,509,016 Methods and memory devices for repairing memory cells
6 8,509,013 Partitioned bitline for memory
7 8,509,011 Command paths, apparatuses, memories, and methods for providing internal commands to a data path
8 8,508,994 Semiconductor device with floating gate and electrically floating body
9 8,508,970 Techniques for providing a direct injection semiconductor memory device
10 8,508,950 Substrates, systems, and devices including structures for suppressing power and ground plane noise, and methods for suppressing power and ground plane noise
11 8,508,285 Analog delay lines and adaptive biasing
12 8,508,278 Apparatus and method for external to internal clock generation
13 8,508,034 Electronic devices
14 8,507,966 Semiconductor cells, arrays, devices and systems having a buried conductive line and methods for forming the same
15 8,507,387 Methods of removing noble metal-containing nanoparticles
16 8,507,384 Method for selectively modifying spacing between pitch multiplied structures
17 8,507,380 Methods of forming contact openings and methods of increasing contact area in only one of X and Y axes in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
18 8,507,341 Integrated circuit fabrication
19 8,507,318 Method for manufacturing microelectronic devices
20 8,507,191 Methods of forming a patterned, silicon-enriched developable antireflective material and semiconductor device structures including the same