Micron patents granted on 13 December 2011

25 US patents granted on 13 December 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 8,078,848 Memory controller having front end and back end channels for modifying commands
2 8,078,797 Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multiple flash memory devices
3 8,078,796 Method for writing to and erasing a non-volatile memory
4 8,078,018 Communication methods, methods of forming an interconnect, signal interconnects, integrated circuit structures, circuits, and data apparatuses
5 8,078,001 Methods, apparatuses and systems for piecewise generation of pixel correction values for image processing
6 8,077,538 Address decoder and/or access line driver and method for memory devices
7 8,077,532 Small unit internal verify read in a memory device
8 8,077,519 Programming a memory device to increase data reliability
9 8,077,515 Methods, devices, and systems for dealing with threshold voltage change in memory devices
10 8,076,760 Semiconductor fuse arrangements
11 8,076,727 Magnesium-doped zinc oxide structures and methods
12 8,076,721 Fin structures and methods of fabricating fin structures
13 8,076,717 Vertically-oriented semiconductor selection device for cross-point array memory
14 8,076,714 Memory device with high dielectric constant gate dielectrics and metal floating gates
15 8,076,673 Recessed gate dielectric antifuse
16 8,076,663 Phase change memory structures
17 8,076,249 Structures containing titanium silicon oxide
18 8,076,248 Methods for forming semiconductor constructions, and methods for selectively etching silicon nitride relative to conductive material
19 8,076,244 Methods for causing fluid to flow through or into via holes, vents and other openings or recesses that communicate with surfaces of substrates of semiconductor device components
20 8,076,229 Methods of forming data cells and connections to data cells
21 8,076,211 Fabricating bipolar junction select transistors for semiconductor memories
22 8,076,208 Method for forming transistor with high breakdown voltage using pitch multiplication technique
23 8,076,200 Charge trapping dielectric structures with variable band-gaps
24 8,076,195 Resistive memory architectures with multiple memory cells per access device
25 8,074,353 Methods of providing semiconductor components within sockets