Micron patents granted on 13 January 2015

11 US patents granted on 13 January 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 8,934,310 Bitline for memory
2 8,934,306 Memory and sense parameter determination methods
3 8,934,297 Method and system for programming non-volatile memory cells based on programming of proximate memory cells
4 8,934,035 Correction of non-uniform sensitivity in an image array
5 8,933,508 Memory with isolation structure
6 8,933,491 Arrays of memory cells and methods of forming an array of vertically stacked tiers of memory cells
7 8,933,449 Apparatus having a dielectric containing scandium and gadolinium
8 8,932,960 Methods for isolating portions of a loop of pitch-multiplied material and related structures
9 8,932,935 Forming three dimensional isolation structures
10 8,932,933 Methods of forming hydrophobic surfaces on semiconductor device structures, methods of forming semiconductor device structures, and semiconductor device structures
11 8,931,169 Methods of fabricating components for microelectronic devices