Micron patents granted on 13 May 2008

40 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,373,645 Method for using extrema to load balance a loop of parallel processing elements
2 7,373,575 Method and apparatus for generating expect data from a captured bit pattern, and memory device using same
3 7,373,005 Compression system for integrated sensor devices
4 7,372,768 Memory with address management
5 7,372,756 Non-skipping auto-refresh in a DRAM
6 7,372,751 Using redundant memory for extra features
7 7,372,746 Low voltage sensing scheme having reduced active power down standby current
8 7,372,742 Memory block erasing in a flash memory device
9 7,372,739 High voltage generation and regulation circuit in a memory device
10 7,372,729 High speed low voltage driver
11 7,372,723 State save-on-power-down using GMR non-volatile elements
12 7,372,717 Methods for resistive memory element sensing using averaging
13 7,372,715 Architecture and method for NAND flash memory
14 7,372,495 CMOS aps with stacked avalanche multiplication layer and low voltage readout electronics
15 7,372,493 Column-wise clamp voltage driver for suppression of noise in an imager
16 7,372,490 Multi junction APS with dual simultaneous integration
17 7,372,484 Method and apparatus for reducing effects of dark current and defective pixels in an imaging device
18 7,372,358 Portable computer supporting paging instructions
19 7,372,310 Digital frequency-multiplying DLLs
20 7,372,138 Routing element for use in multi-chip modules, multi-chip modules including the routing element and methods
21 7,372,131 Routing element for use in semiconductor device assemblies
22 7,372,129 Two die semiconductor assembly and system including same
23 7,372,098 Low power flash memory devices
24 7,372,097 Programmable array logic or memory with p-channel devices and asymmetrical tunnel barriers
25 7,372,096 Programmable array logic or memory with p-channel devices and asymmetrical tunnel barriers
26 7,372,094 Semiconductor constructions
27 7,372,092 Memory cell, device, and system
28 7,372,091 Selective epitaxy vertical integrated circuit components
29 7,371,697 Ion-assisted oxidation methods and the resulting structures
30 7,371,676 Method for fabricating semiconductor components with through wire interconnects
31 7,371,647 Methods of forming transistors
32 7,371,642 Multi-state NROM device
33 7,371,627 Memory array with ultra-thin etched pillar surround gate access transistors and buried data/bit lines
34 7,371,612 Method of fabrication of stacked semiconductor devices
35 7,371,608 Method of fabricating a stacked die having a recess in a die BGA package
36 7,371,587 Method for reducing diffusion through ferromagnetic materials
37 7,371,509 Resist pattern and reflow technology
38 7,371,333 Methods of etching nickel silicide and cobalt silicide and methods of forming conductive lines
39 7,371,263 Plasmaless dry contact cleaning method using interhalogen compounds
40 7,370,659 Photolithographic stepper and/or scanner machines including cleaning devices and methods of cleaning photolithographic stepper and/or scanner machines