Micron patents granted on 13 September 2016

20 US patents granted on 13 September 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,444,827 Multi-function, modular system for network security, secure communication, and malware protection
2 9,444,469 Locked-loop quiescence apparatus, systems, and methods
3 9,444,046 Three dimensional memory array architecture
4 9,444,043 Method, system and device for phase change memory with shunt
5 9,444,042 Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
6 9,444,014 Solid state lighting devices with accessible electrodes and methods of manufacturing
7 9,443,834 Back-to-back solid state lighting devices and associated methods
8 9,443,823 Semiconductor device including filling material provided in space defined by three semiconductor chips
9 9,443,763 Methods for forming interconnections between top electrodes in memory cells by a two-step chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) process
10 9,443,756 Methods of forming a substrate opening
11 9,443,744 Stacked semiconductor die assemblies with high efficiency thermal paths and associated methods
12 9,443,615 Methods and apparatuses for memory testing with data compression
13 9,443,610 Leakage current detection
14 9,443,573 Semiconductor device including main amplifers between memory cell arrays
15 9,443,562 Connections for memory electrode lines
16 9,443,156 Methods and systems for data analysis in a state machine
17 9,442,867 Interrupted write memory operation in a serial interface memory with a portion of a memory address
18 9,442,866 Self-adaptive solid state drive controller
19 9,442,796 Memory controller supporting rate-compatible punctured codes
20 9,442,658 Apparatuses and methods including selectively providing a single or separate chip select signals