Micron patents granted on 14 April 2009

29 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,519,882 Intelligent binning for electrically repairable semiconductor chips
2 7,519,881 Device and method for testing integrated circuit dice in an integrated circuit module
3 7,519,877 Memory with test mode output
4 7,519,850 Method and unit for buffer control
5 7,519,788 System and method for an asynchronous data buffer having buffer write and read pointers
6 7,518,914 Non-volatile memory device with both single and multiple level cells
7 7,518,422 Switched capacitor for a tunable delay circuit
8 7,518,302 Method of fabricating field emission arrays employing a hard mask to define column lines and another mask to define emitter tips and resistors
9 7,518,246 Atomic layer deposition of CeO.sub.2/Al.sub.2O.sub.3 films as gate dielectrics
10 7,518,237 Microfeature systems including adhered microfeature workpieces and support members
11 7,518,227 Multiple die stack apparatus employing T-shaped interposer elements
12 7,518,223 Semiconductor devices and semiconductor device assemblies including a nonconfluent spacer layer
13 7,518,212 Graded Ge.sub.xSe.sub.100-x concentration in PCRAM
14 7,518,184 DRAM access transistor
15 7,518,182 DRAM layout with vertical FETs and method of formation
16 7,518,174 Memory cell and method for forming the same
17 7,517,804 Selective etch chemistries for forming high aspect ratio features and associated structures
18 7,517,798 Methods for forming through-wafer interconnects and structures resulting therefrom
19 7,517,797 Carrier for wafer-scale package, wafer-scale package including the carrier, and methods
20 7,517,786 Methods of forming wire bonds for semiconductor constructions
21 7,517,783 Molybdenum-doped indium oxide structures and methods
22 7,517,758 Method of forming a vertical transistor
23 7,517,754 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
24 7,517,753 Methods of forming pluralities of capacitors
25 7,517,749 Method for forming an array with polysilicon local interconnects
26 7,517,744 Capacitorless DRAM on bulk silicon
27 7,517,743 Fully-depleted (FD) (SOI) MOSFET access transistor and method of fabrication
28 7,517,704 MRAM layer having domain wall traps
29 7,517,558 Methods for positioning carbon nanotubes