Micron patents granted on 14 April 2015

18 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,009,570 Integrity of an address bus
2 9,009,556 Error correction and recovery in chained memory architectures
3 9,009,394 Serial flash memory with a configurable number of dummy clock cycles
4 9,009,357 Method and apparatus for field firmware updates in data storage systems
5 9,007,867 Loading trim address and trim data pairs
6 9,007,860 Sub-block disabling in 3D memory
7 9,007,832 Methods for programming a memory device and memory devices
8 9,007,831 Memory devices with different sized blocks of memory cells and methods
9 9,007,822 Complementary decoding for non-volatile memory
10 9,007,818 Memory cells, semiconductor device structures, systems including such cells, and methods of fabrication
11 9,006,859 Semiconductor structures and devices
12 9,006,702 Semiconductor structure including a zirconium oxide material
13 9,006,075 Memory cells, semiconductor devices including such cells, and methods of fabrication
14 9,006,060 N-type field effect transistors, arrays comprising N-type vertically-oriented transistors, methods of forming an N-type field effect transistor, and methods of forming an array comprising vertically-oriented N-type transistors
15 9,005,473 Gaseous compositions comprising hydrogen fluoride and an alkylated ammonia derivative
16 9,005,463 Methods of forming a substrate opening
17 9,005,458 Photonic device structure and method of manufacture
18 9,003,651 Methods for integrated circuit fabrication with protective coating for planarization