Micron patents granted on 14 August 2012

21 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,245,176 Integrated circuit apparatus, systems, and methods
2 8,245,100 Error recovery storage along a nand-flash string
3 8,245,024 Booting in systems having devices coupled in a chained configuration
4 8,244,937 Solid state storage device controller with parallel operation mode
5 8,243,544 Reduction of fusible links and associated circuitry on memory dies
6 8,243,538 Small unit internal verify read in a memory device
7 8,243,529 Memory device page buffer configuration and methods
8 8,243,523 Sensing operations in a memory device
9 8,243,521 Method for kink compensation in a memory
10 8,243,513 Non-volatile multilevel memory cells with data read of reference cells
11 8,243,506 Phase change memory structures and methods
12 8,243,497 Phase change memory device with reduced programming disturbance
13 8,243,479 On-die anti-resonance structure for integrated circuit
14 8,243,164 Method, apparatus, and system for selecting pixels for automatic white balance processing
15 8,242,555 FIN field effect transistor
16 8,242,554 Integrated two device non-volatile memory
17 8,242,008 Methods of removing noble metal-containing nanoparticles, methods of forming NAND string gates, and methods of forming integrated circuitry
18 8,241,987 Methods of forming capacitors
19 8,241,947 Phase change memory elements using energy conversion layers, memory arrays and systems including same, and methods of making and using same
20 8,241,944 Resistive RAM devices and methods
21 8,241,708 Formation of insulator oxide films with acid or base catalyzed hydrolysis of alkoxides in supercritical carbon dioxide