Micron patents granted on 14 December 2010

18 US patents granted on 14 December 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,853,841 Memory cell programming
2 7,853,725 USB device communication apparatus, systems, and methods
3 7,852,681 Non-volatile one time programmable memory
4 7,852,671 Data path for multi-level cell memory, methods for storing and methods for utilizing a memory array
5 7,852,668 Semiconductor magnetic memory integrating a magnetic tunneling junction above a floating-gate memory cell
6 7,852,658 Phase change memory cell with constriction structure
7 7,852,385 Imager row-wise noise correction
8 7,852,112 On-die system and method for controlling termination impedance of memory device data bus terminals
9 7,851,907 Semiconductor integrated circuit package having electrically disconnected solder balls for mounting
10 7,851,869 Semiconductor constructions
11 7,851,850 Band engineered nano-crystal non-volatile memory device utilizing enhanced gate injection
12 7,851,827 Back-side trapped non-volatile memory device
13 7,851,798 Method and apparatus for dark current and blooming suppression in 4T CMOS imager pixel
14 7,851,309 Selective epitaxy vertical integrated circuit components and methods
15 7,851,307 Method of forming complex oxide nanodots for a charge trap
16 7,851,301 Semiconductor capacitor structure and method to form same
17 7,851,292 Methods of forming and programming floating-gate memory cells having carbon nanotubes
18 7,851,266 Microelectronic device wafers including an in-situ molded adhesive, molds for in-situ molding adhesives on microelectronic device wafers, and methods of molding adhesives on microelectronic device wafers