Micron patents granted on 14 July 2009

25 US patents granted on 14 July 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 RE40,842 Memory elements and methods for making same
2 7,562,268 Method and apparatus for testing a memory device with compressed data using a single output
3 7,562,178 Memory hub and method for memory sequencing
4 7,561,938 Method for using data regarding manufacturing procedures integrated circuits (ICS) have undergone, such as repairs, to select procedures the ICs will undergo, such as additional repairs
5 7,561,477 Data strobe synchronization circuit and method for double data rate, multi-bit writes
6 7,561,472 NAND architecture memory with voltage sensing
7 7,561,469 Programming method to reduce word line to word line breakdown for NAND flash
8 7,561,466 Non-volatile memory copy back
9 7,560,959 Absolute value peak differential voltage detector circuit and method
10 7,560,956 Method and apparatus for selecting an operating mode based on a determination of the availability of internal clock signals
11 7,560,816 Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
12 7,560,815 Device structures including ruthenium silicide diffusion barrier layers
13 7,560,799 Spacer patterned, high dielectric constant capacitor
14 7,560,793 Atomic layer deposition and conversion
15 7,560,769 Non-volatile memory cell device and methods
16 7,560,723 Enhanced memory density resistance variable memory cells, arrays, devices and systems including the same, and methods of fabrication
17 7,560,395 Atomic layer deposited hafnium tantalum oxide dielectrics
18 7,560,393 Systems and methods of forming refractory metal nitride layers using disilazanes
19 7,560,392 Electrical components for microelectronic devices and methods of forming the same
20 7,560,390 Multiple spacer steps for pitch multiplication
21 7,560,371 Methods for selectively filling apertures in a substrate to form conductive vias with a liquid using a vacuum
22 7,560,336 DRAM layout with vertical FETs and method of formation
23 7,560,335 Memory device transistors
24 7,560,305 Apparatus and method for high density multi-chip structures
25 7,560,017 Methods and apparatus for electrically detecting characteristics of a microelectronic substrate and/or polishing medium