Micron patents granted on 14 March 2006

21 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,013,363 Method and circuit for adjusting a self-refresh rate to maintain dynamic data at low supply voltages
2 7,013,252 Simulated circuit node initializing and monitoring
3 7,013,044 Image sensing system with histogram modification
4 7,012,811 Method of tuning a multi-path circuit
5 7,012,754 Apparatus and method for manufacturing tilted microlenses
6 7,012,645 Image sensor with p-type circuitry and n-type photosensor
7 7,012,557 Ramp modulation ADC for imagers
8 7,012,504 Wireless identification device, RFID device with push-on/push off switch, and method of manufacturing wireless identification device
9 7,012,315 Frame scale package using contact lines through the elements
10 7,012,297 Scalable flash/NV structures and devices with extended endurance
11 7,012,294 Semiconductor constructions
12 7,012,293 Fabricating an SRAM cell
13 7,012,024 Methods of forming a transistor with an integrated metal silicide gate electrode
14 7,012,010 Methods of forming trench isolation regions
15 7,012,006 Embedded ROM device using substrate leakage
16 7,012,000 Methods of forming silicide on conductive structures
17 7,011,984 Methods of forming switchable circuit devices
18 7,011,978 Methods of forming capacitor constructions comprising perovskite-type dielectric materials with different amount of crystallinity regions
19 7,011,733 Method and apparatus for depositing films
20 7,011,566 Methods and systems for conditioning planarizing pads used in planarizing substrates
21 7,011,532 Spring element for use in an apparatus for attaching to a semiconductor and a method of making