Micron patents granted on 14 May 2013

21 US patents granted on 14 May 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,442,345 Method and apparatus for image noise reduction using noise models
2 8,441,888 Write command and write data timing circuit and methods for timing the same
3 8,441,886 System and method for processing signals in high speed DRAM
4 8,441,882 Memory devices having redundant arrays for repair
5 8,441,861 Self-check calibration of program or erase and verify process using memory cell distribution
6 8,441,860 NAND step up voltage switching method
7 8,441,858 Apparatus having a string of memory cells
8 8,441,855 Strings of memory cells having string select gates, memory devices incorporating such strings, and methods of accessing and forming the same
9 8,441,848 Set pulse for phase change memory programming
10 8,441,834 Resistive memory element sensing using averaging
11 8,441,132 Packaged microelectronic devices recessed in support member cavities, and associated methods
12 8,441,113 Elimination of RDL using tape base flip chip on flex for die stacking
13 8,441,077 Method for forming a ruthenium metal layer and a structure comprising the ruthenium metal layer
14 8,441,058 Memory devices having reduced interference between floating gates and methods of fabricating such devices
15 8,441,056 NROM memory cell, memory array, related devices and methods
16 8,441,020 Light emitting diode wafer-level package with self-aligning features
17 8,440,567 Semiconductor processing methods
18 8,440,525 Method for obtaining extreme selectivity of metal nitrides and metal oxides
19 8,440,515 Method of forming a field effect transistor
20 8,440,491 Methods of forming imager device with electric connections to electrical device
21 8,440,371 Imaging devices, methods of forming same, and methods of forming semiconductor device structures