Micron patents granted on 14 October 2008

23 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,437,729 Method for load balancing a loop of parallel processing elements
2 7,437,726 Method for rounding values for a plurality of parallel processing elements
3 7,437,647 Mode entry circuit and method
4 7,437,632 Circuits and methods for repairing defects in memory devices
5 7,437,630 Testing a multibank memory module
6 7,437,625 Memory with element redundancy
7 7,437,579 System and method for selective memory module power management
8 7,436,708 NAND memory device column charging
9 7,436,705 Multiple level cell memory device with single bit per cell, re-mappable memory block
10 7,436,442 Low light sensor signal to noise improvement
11 7,436,267 Microstrip line dielectric overlay
12 7,436,231 Low power and low timing jitter phase-lock loop and method
13 7,436,202 Method and apparatus for calibrating driver impedance
14 7,436,067 Methods for forming conductive structures and structures regarding same
15 7,436,020 Flash memory with metal-insulator-metal tunneling program and erase
16 7,436,018 Discrete trap non-volatile multi-functional memory device
17 7,435,913 Slanted vias for electrical circuits on circuit boards and other substrates
18 7,435,688 Semiconductor processing methods of transferring patterns from patterned photoresists to materials, and structures comprising silicon nitride
19 7,435,641 Low leakage MIM capacitor
20 7,435,636 Fabrication of self-aligned gallium arsenide MOSFETs using damascene gate methods
21 7,435,620 Low temperature methods of forming back side redistribution layers in association with through wafer interconnects
22 7,435,536 Method to align mask patterns
23 7,435,324 Noncontact localized electrochemical deposition of metal thin films