Micron patents granted on 14 October 2014

29 US patents granted on 14 October 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,862,969 Memory quality monitor based compensation method and apparatus
2 8,862,863 Methods and apparatuses for master-slave detection
3 8,862,860 Flash storage partial page caching
4 8,862,788 Configuration finalization on first valid NAND command
5 8,862,453 Techniques for incorporating timing jitter and/or amplitude noise into hardware description language-based input stimuli
6 8,862,421 System and method for automatically calibrating a temperature sensor
7 8,861,978 Method and apparatus providing wave division multiplexing optical communication system with active carrier hopping
8 8,861,297 Apparatuses and methods for sensing fuse states
9 8,861,296 Memory refresh methods, memory section control circuits, and apparatuses
10 8,861,285 Apparatuses and methods for line charge sharing
11 8,861,255 Apparatuses including current compliance circuits and methods
12 8,861,247 Techniques for providing a direct injection semiconductor memory device
13 8,861,246 Phase interpolators and push-pull buffers
14 8,861,242 Stacked device identification assignment
15 8,861,179 Capacitors having dielectric regions that include multiple metal oxide-comprising materials
16 8,860,496 Methods for receiving and transmitting voltage through the use of supply voltage or ground connections including bond pad interconnects for integrated circuit devices
17 8,860,488 Apparatuses and method for shifting a voltage level
18 8,860,223 Resistive random access memory
19 8,860,174 Recessed antifuse structures and methods of making the same
20 8,860,117 Semiconductor apparatus with multiple tiers of memory cells with peripheral transistors, and methods
21 8,859,425 Devices, systems, and methods related to forming through-substrate vias with sacrificial plugs
22 8,859,382 Methods of forming metal oxide and memory cells
23 8,859,367 Gate constructions of recessed access devices and methods of forming gate constructions of recessed access devices
24 8,859,362 Integrated circuit fabrication
25 8,859,359 Floating body cell structures, devices including same, and methods for forming same
26 8,859,349 Multi-level charge storage transistors and associated methods
27 8,859,329 Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
28 8,859,195 Methods of lithographically patterning a substrate
29 8,859,168 Masks for microlithography and methods of making and using such masks