Micron patents granted on 15 April 2008

30 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 D566,709 Storage device
2 7,360,011 Memory hub and method for memory system performance monitoring
3 7,360,006 Apparatus and method for managing voltage buses
4 7,359,607 Waveguide for thermo optic device
5 7,359,258 Semiconductor memory with wordline timing
6 7,359,243 Memory cell repair using fuse programming method in a flash memory device
7 7,359,241 In-service reconfigurable DRAM and flash memory device
8 7,358,872 Method and apparatus for converting parallel data to serial data in high speed applications
9 7,358,751 Contact pin assembly and contactor card
10 7,358,596 Device isolation for semiconductor devices
11 7,358,587 Semiconductor structures
12 7,358,568 Low resistance semiconductor process and structures
13 7,358,562 NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
14 7,358,561 Source lines for NAND memory devices
15 7,358,554 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus for modifying-in-film stress of thin films, and product formed thereby
16 7,358,553 System and method for reducing shorting in memory cells
17 7,358,517 Method and apparatus for imager quality testing
18 7,358,188 Method of forming conductive metal silicides by reaction of metal with silicon
19 7,358,185 Device having contact pad with a conductive layer and a conductive passivation layer
20 7,358,178 Semiconductor substrates including I/O redistribution using wire bonds and anisotropically conductive film, methods of fabrication and assemblies including same
21 7,358,171 Method to chemically remove metal impurities from polycide gate sidewalls
22 7,358,170 Methods of forming conductive interconnects, and methods of depositing nickel
23 7,358,161 Methods of forming transistor devices associated with semiconductor-on-insulator constructions
24 7,358,154 Method for fabricating packaged die
25 7,358,146 Method of forming a capacitor
26 7,358,139 Method of forming a field effect transistor including depositing and removing insulative material effective to expose transistor gate conductive material but not transistor gate semiconductor material
27 7,358,131 Methods of forming SRAM constructions
28 7,358,117 Stacked die in die BGA package
29 7,358,103 Method of fabricating an imaging device for collecting photons
30 7,357,695 Systems and methods for mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical polishing of microfeature workpieces