Micron patents granted on 15 July 2008

21 US patents granted on 15 July 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,401,267 Program failure recovery
2 7,401,010 Methods of forming radiation-patterning tools; carrier waves and computer readable media
3 7,400,549 Memory block reallocation in a flash memory device
4 7,400,544 Actively driven V.sub.REF for input buffer noise immunity
5 7,400,539 Memory device having terminals for transferring multiple types of data
6 7,400,533 Mimicking program verify drain resistance in a memory device
7 7,400,532 Programming method to reduce gate coupling interference for non-volatile memory
8 7,400,389 Method and apparatus for testing image sensors
9 7,400,350 System and method for collecting images of a monitored device
10 7,400,124 Apparatus and methods for regulated voltage
11 7,400,043 Semiconductor constructions
12 7,400,032 Module assembly for stacked BGA packages
13 7,400,012 Scalable Flash/NV structures and devices with extended endurance
14 7,400,004 Isolation structures for preventing photons and carriers from reaching active areas and methods of formation
15 7,399,714 Method of forming a structure over a semiconductor substrate
16 7,399,671 Disposable pillars for contact formation
17 7,399,666 Atomic layer deposition of Zr.sub.3N.sub.4/ZrO.sub.2 films as gate dielectrics
18 7,399,657 Ball grid array packages with thermally conductive containers
19 7,399,499 Methods of gas delivery for deposition processes and methods of depositing material on a substrate
20 7,399,424 Compositions for dissolution of low-k dielectric films, and methods of use
21 7,398,595 Method for forming a storage cell capacitor compatible with high dielectric constant materials