Micron patents granted on 15 May 2012

15 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,181,086 Memory array error correction apparatus, systems, and methods
2 8,180,995 Logical address offset in response to detecting a memory formatting operation
3 8,180,974 System, apparatus, and method for modifying the order of memory accesses
4 8,180,609 Jittery signal generation with discrete-time filtering
5 8,180,150 Method and apparatus providing automatic color balancing for digital imaging systems
6 8,179,726 Method and apparatus for programming flash memory
7 8,179,725 Programming rate identification and control in a solid state memory
8 8,179,724 Sensing for memory read and program verify operations in a non-volatile memory device
9 8,179,706 Method for modifying data more than once in a multi-level cell memory location within a memory array
10 8,179,468 Integrated CMOS imager and microcontroller
11 8,178,984 Flip chip with interposer
12 8,178,911 Semiconductor device having reduced sub-threshold leakage
13 8,178,413 Low-temperature grown high quality ultra-thin CoTiO.sub.3 gate dielectrics
14 8,178,396 Methods for forming three-dimensional memory devices, and related structures
15 8,177,420 Apparatus and methods for temperature calibration and sensing