Micron patents granted on 15 September 2009

16 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,590,797 System and method for optimizing interconnections of components in a multichip memory module
2 7,590,764 System and method for dynamic buffer allocation
3 7,590,019 Low voltage data path and current sense amplifier
4 7,589,995 One-transistor memory cell with bias gate
5 7,589,573 Startup circuit and method
6 7,589,426 Semiconductor assemblies including redistribution layers and packages and assemblies formed therefrom
7 7,589,406 Stacked semiconductor component
8 7,589,369 Semiconductor constructions
9 7,589,029 Atomic layer deposition and conversion
10 7,589,015 Fabrication of semiconductor devices using anti-reflective coatings
11 7,589,010 Semiconductor devices with permanent polymer stencil and method for manufacturing the same
12 7,589,008 Methods for forming interconnects in microelectronic workpieces and microelectronic workpieces formed using such methods
13 7,588,988 Method of forming apparatus having oxide films formed using atomic layer deposition
14 7,588,982 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions and flash memory cells
15 7,588,804 Reactors with isolated gas connectors and methods for depositing materials onto micro-device workpieces
16 7,588,677 Methods and apparatus for electrical, mechanical and/or chemical removal of conductive material from a microelectronic substrate