Micron patents granted on 16 December 2008

16 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,467,334 Method for repairing a semiconductor memory
2 7,466,618 Current limiting antifuse programming path
3 7,466,615 Low voltage data path and current sense amplifier
4 7,466,606 Memory device having terminals for transferring multiple types of data
5 7,466,602 Method and apparatus for filtering output data
6 7,466,600 System and method for initiating a bad block disable process in a non-volatile memory
7 7,465,999 Fully-depleted (FD) (SOI) MOSFET access transistor
8 7,465,983 Low tunnel barrier insulators
9 7,465,982 Capacitor structures
10 7,465,650 Methods of forming polysilicon-comprising plugs and methods of forming FLASH memory circuitry
11 7,465,627 Methods of forming capacitors
12 7,465,616 Method of forming a field effect transistor
13 7,465,608 Three-dimensional multichip module
14 7,465,607 Methods of fabrication of lead frame-based semiconductor device packages incorporating at least one land grid array package
15 7,465,488 Bow control in an electronic package
16 7,465,406 Method of exposing a substrate to a surface microwave plasma, etching method, deposition method, surface microwave plasma generating apparatus, semiconductor substrate etching apparatus, semiconductor substrate deposition apparatus, and microwave plasma generating antenna assembly