Micron patents granted on 16 February 2016

21 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,264,068 Deflate compression algorithm
2 9,264,050 Apparatuses and methods for delaying signals using a delay line with homogenous architecture and integrated measure initialization circuitry
3 9,263,675 Switching components and memory units
4 9,263,674 ETCH bias homogenization
5 9,263,672 Transistors, memory cells and semiconductor constructions
6 9,263,577 Ferroelectric field effect transistors, pluralities of ferroelectric field effect transistors arrayed in row lines and column lines, and methods of forming a plurality of ferroelectric field effect transistors
7 9,263,461 Apparatuses including memory arrays with source contacts adjacent edges of sources
8 9,263,460 Methods and apparatuses including a select transistor having a body region including monocrystalline semiconductor material and/or at least a portion of its gate located in a substrate
9 9,263,455 Methods of forming an array of conductive lines and methods of forming an array of recessed access gate lines
10 9,263,341 Methods of forming transistors
11 9,263,133 Techniques for providing a semiconductor memory device
12 9,263,130 Memory device page buffer configuration and methods
13 9,263,128 Methods and apparatuses for programming memory cells
14 9,263,115 Semiconductor device
15 9,263,111 Sub-block disabling in 3D memory
16 9,263,104 Semiconductor device
17 9,263,095 Memory having buried digit lines and methods of making the same
18 9,262,335 Re-building mapping information for memory devices
19 9,262,317 Non-volatile configuration for serial non-volatile memory
20 9,262,261 Memory devices facilitating differing depths of error detection and/or error correction coverage
21 9,259,683 Methods and apparatus for treating fluorinated greenhouse gases in gas streams