Micron patents granted on 16 January 2007

24 US patents granted on 16 January 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,165,185 DDR II write data capture calibration
2 7,165,143 System and method for manipulating cache data
3 7,165,004 Dynamically adaptable semiconductor parametric testing
4 7,164,611 Data retention kill function
5 7,164,607 Dual bus memory burst architecture
6 7,164,597 Computer systems
7 7,164,595 Device and method for using dynamic cell plate sensing in a DRAM memory cell
8 7,164,294 Method for forming programmable logic arrays using vertical gate transistors
9 7,164,260 Bandgap reference circuit with a shared resistive network
10 7,164,188 Buried conductor patterns formed by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials
11 7,164,182 Pixel with strained silicon layer for improving carrier mobility and blue response in imagers
12 7,164,168 Non-planar flash memory having shielding between floating gates
13 7,164,165 MIS capacitor
14 7,164,161 Method of formation of dual gate structure for imagers
15 7,164,156 Electronic systems using optical waveguide interconnects formed throught a semiconductor wafer
16 7,163,893 Advanced barrier liner formation for vias
17 7,163,845 Internal package heat dissipator
18 7,163,837 Method of forming a resistance variable memory element
19 7,163,641 Method of forming high aspect ratio apertures
20 7,163,447 Apparatus and method for conditioning a contact surface of a processing pad used in processing microelectronic workpieces
21 7,163,439 Methods and systems for conditioning planarizing pads used in planarizing substrates
22 7,163,019 Method of reducing water spotting and oxide growth on a semiconductor structure
23 7,163,017 Polysilicon etch useful during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
24 7,162,796 Method of making an interposer with contact structures