Micron patents granted on 16 June 2009

22 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,549,143 Method and device for checking lithography data
2 7,549,142 Method and device for checking lithography data
3 7,549,033 Dual edge command
4 7,549,011 Bit inversion in memory devices
5 7,548,667 Optical integrated circuit
6 7,548,483 Memory device and method having multiple address, data and command buses
7 7,548,459 Method, apparatus, and system providing adjustable memory page configuration
8 7,547,978 Underfill and encapsulation of semiconductor assemblies with materials having differing properties
9 7,547,954 Electronic systems using optical waveguide interconnects formed through a semiconductor wafer
10 7,547,949 Semiconductor structures and memory device constructions
11 7,547,945 Transistor devices, transistor structures and semiconductor constructions
12 7,547,935 Semiconductor devices including buried digit lines that are laterally offset from corresponding active-device regions
13 7,547,905 Programmable conductor memory cell structure and method therefor
14 7,547,877 Microelectronic imagers with integrated optical devices and methods for manufacturing such microelectronic imagers
15 7,547,850 Semiconductor device assemblies with compliant spring contact structures
16 7,547,640 Method for integrated circuit fabrication using pitch multiplication
17 7,547,617 Semiconductor device including container having epitaxial silicon therein
18 7,547,604 Method of forming a recessed gate structure on a substrate having insulating columns and removing said insulating columns after forming a conductive region of the gate structure
19 7,547,599 Multi-state memory cell
20 7,547,579 Underfill process
21 7,547,559 Method for forming MRAM bit having a bottom sense layer utilizing electroless plating
22 7,547,213 Memory modules and methods for manufacturing memory modules